Precognition: Bodies in Network

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Precognition Show – 5.20.13 from Kate Drazner Hoyt on Vimeo.


Taking Affect Theory’s notion that milieus are felt before they are known, the sense of an individual’s separation from the other comes from the mind as a form of constructed reality. The body can be seen as a potential medium for a performance of the Self beyond the barriers of the individual as part of a larger network. The performance of “Precognition” sought to continue the performance of the network as a means of existing within the precognitive, embodied state of perception in order to effectuate intersubjectivity with the Other. The exhibited installation and performance mediated biological-somatic input (muscle engagement, kinetic movement and breath) from two separate individuals against one another to affect the visual and sonic experience of the Other, creating a feedback loop between the bodily responses of a participant and the resulting visual and sonic landscape produced. The resulting mediated fields passed data through an interactive barrier – in this case, an LED wall sculpture – to produce a landscape that is both a reflection of, and contributor to, the opposing participant’s bio-somatic state. Through an analysis of the hour-long performance, including extensive interviews with both of the movement artists/participants and audience members, there is substantial evidence that a dissolution between the barriers of Self and Other was achieved through a prolonged state of performed precognition.

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